Thursday, July 29, 2010

First painting is on glass. Its a reverse glass painting. Second one is my students pot paintings. The last one is reverse glass model on chart paper. It took me 1 full day to finish that chart work. All other work is easy ones and can be finished within 1hour. I always like glass and oil painitngs.
When i was in my school my drawings will be soo horrible. I used to get scolding from my teacher. Later after 10th standard i tried to draw properly and lastly i got good name with my science and art teacher. And now i am also in the teaching field.If we try we can get the talents. Everything is in our hands only. So keep trying and keep on trying.

my new 3d painitng

Each time when i go to craftshop for buying craft,painting items i used to check what new product is available and i will try to know about that product. This time i saw an embosing medium which can be used with oil and acrylics i bought that and made this picture. Its interesting to work with that medium. it dries quickly guys. very easy to use also.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

my new painting

This is a glass painting done by me last month. I like the way it came out.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

interested topic in book

my teaching experience as a art teacher

Previousely when  was in college .i hate teaching. but after completing my MPhil in textiles i was selected as a lecturer in the same college. At first i was little bit confused weather to accept it or not. Later i thought let me try it. I tried it and started loving my proffession. Now its almost 8 years in teaching field both as regular and freelancing teacher in fashion designing, textiles, paintings, and surface ornamentation fields. The teaching methods with kids and any strangers makes me get more patience, more interest and makes me learn more in my field. I too have a plan of starting a institute , so this teaching expereince makes me to know about the expectations , responses of people who come for the classes. Also Now i started learning psychology(my second msc) as it will help me in my carrier. I love to hear any critics in my teaching, so that i can improve my methods of teaching. I invite all to give reviews and critics about my teaching.
Also soon i am planning to put my works as exhibition cum sale in my blog. (let me make it as soon as i can. :-) )Okay friends see you soon in my blog.
Have a good day!!!